cocoAspell Jun 29 2005 | # | C:0 | TB:0

As part of my migration to Tiger, I’ve decided to ditch MS Entourage and start using Apple’s Mail application. While typing an email home, I once again got annoyed at all the “misspelling” that were flagged by the application interpreting…

Tiger Jun 26 2005 | # | C:0 | TB:0

I’ve finally gotten around to upgrading my Mac to Tiger, although I bought it right when it came out. I must say that the new features are pretty neat and well integrated. I thought that Spotlights was just a Mac…

Panther Impressions Nov 17 2003 | # | C:0 | TB:0

I’ve been running Panther for a couple of weeks now and I’m quite happy with it. Despite some of the things that bug me — the speed improvements and Exposé make it worth it. Initially I was a bit cautious…

Panther Oct 29 2003 | # | C:0 | TB:0

Version 10.3 of MacOS just looks too sweet and I haven’t seen any bad reviews. I placed my order for Panther today. I’m looking forward to the improved Finder inteface, application switching and playing with the developer tools….

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