As part of my migration to Tiger, I’ve decided to ditch MS Entourage and start using Apple’s Mail application. While typing an email home, I once again got annoyed at all the “misspelling” that were flagged by the application interpreting my email as being written in English (note to Apple developers: if I’m using the Czech keyboard, chances are the text is not in English).

Tiger actually ships with several dictionaries, alas Czech is not one of them. However, you can install cocoAspell which allows you do spell checking with the Unix aspell utility, which in turn has a large number of dictionaries, including some Czech ones. For some reason I couldn’t build the aspel6 Czech dictionary, but the 0.51 works like a charm.

Now when sending Czech email from Apple Mail, I manage to avoid the most glaring mistakes — though I’m sure there still plenty of unintentional humor due to grammatical mistakes….