I’ve finally gotten around to upgrading my Mac to Tiger, although I bought it right when it came out.

I must say that the new features are pretty neat and well integrated. I thought that Spotlights was just a Mac version of Google’s Desktop Search but it’s actually a lot more. I like how it’s integrated into all the Apple applications and, especially, into the File Dialogs. I find myself doing much more File Dialog searching rather than navigating around (although, I still get a lot out of Default Folder X.

Dashboard is more of a marketing feature, IMO. I’m disappointed with the lame calculator widget — it’s very basic and low precision (1 / 7 * 7 = 0.99999998). However, the Dictionary widget is useful and 3rd party widgets abound. I’ve installed *NIX Manual, among others,

The Automator is pretty cool, too, if you ignore the dreadful icon. I think there are a couple of things I could automate, although I’ll have to write some shell or perl actions for that. Still, it’s nicely integrated into the OS and for non-techies it’s much easier to learn and use than AppleScript.

I haven’t run into any major problems so far (though I’ve got everything backed up, just in case).

I did have to rebuild Apache2 after installing Tiger. Don’t you just hate it when you make a typo when configuring a makefile and don’t notice it until everything is built and installed and then have to do it over again? Makes you realise that your computer isn’t as fast as you wish it were…