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Languages Aug 21 2002 | # | C:0

Modified main page to show number of distinct languages (25 as of today) and show the language code next to the blogs in the right bar. I had to make these bars wider which might start to look funky on…

Blog “Spouses”? Aug 19 2002 | # | C:1

The author of (an Icelandic blog!) suggested that I also list “siblings” that are connected via children as opposed to parents: One thing that I’ve noticed is that many blogs don’t have any parents listed and thus there is…

Cleaning Up BlogTree.php Aug 16 2002 | # | C:0

Well, the blogtree.php script was one of the first ones I wrote for the site, and it definitely looked it. I have changed it now to use DIV tags for the different boxes being displayed (although it still uses a…

Blog Browsing Aug 13 2002 | # | C:1

I’ve revamped the “Find Blog” page to allow the listing of blogs base on particular criteria. Some of the searches are a bit slow, but c’est la vie, I guess. I’ve also added a “Random Blog” to the main page….

Claiming Blogs Aug 12 2002 | # | C:0

I took the blog-claiming feature life. I wonder if I should make people put a claim tag in their blog in the first place. It would definitely cut down on fake ownerships, but it would be kind of a pain…

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