Well, the blogtree.php script was one of the first ones I wrote for the site, and it definitely looked it. I have changed it now to use DIV tags for the different boxes being displayed (although it still uses a table for the columns). This way they are more compact (if there are lots of parents or children). I’ve also tewaked the SQL a little, to retrieve only the fields I need.

I also added a link to a random blog and to the home page (you always could go home by clicking on the logo, but noone knows that).

Also, a couple of minutes ago my 3000th user signed up. Wow! FYIW, it’s middle of August and the site has had almost a million hits. It peaked on August 5th and is now settling down. For comparison, my personal site gets maybe 10000 hits a month (less than 1% of BlogTree!).