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Admin Aug 09 2002 | # | C:0

Started development on an admin tool for better administering the growing site. Sometimes phpMyAdmin just does not cut it for complex updates - though I couldn’t live without it. So far it allows me to search for and consolidate blog…

Consolidating URLs Aug 08 2002 | # | C:0

I took the URL consolidation code live. A user can now specify an alternate URL, even if it is registered. If it is registered, it’s checked that it has the same content as the main blog URL (and is nto…

Bandwidth Exceeded Aug 07 2002 | # | C:0

Well, it has happened. Today exceeded the bandwidth I had allocated for it. I’ve never had a site that even came close to a limit. I’ve cranked up the limit and I hope it’ll be sufficient. If not, I…

URL Matching Aug 05 2002 | # | C:0

I changed how searching for a blog URL works. The search will now strip leading “http://”, “www.” and trailing “/”, “/” and “/”. Hopefully this will decrease the number of duplicates. There probably already is a ton of duplicates, though….

Privacy Policy Aug 05 2002 | # | C:0

I looked around to see how privacy policies are expressed on other web sites and finally cobbled one together for It’s difficult to put into “legal” words that I’m not collecting anything that I’m striving to keep all info…

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