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Hacked Forum Jul 28 2003 | # | C:1 | TB:0

My service provider suspended the site since it was apparently being used for hacking into the server. They suspect a vulnerability in the version of phpBB I was running. I’ve shut the forum down until I can find the…

Lots of Buttons Jul 10 2003 | # | C:2 | TB:0

Those little 15x80 pixel two-color buttons seem to have become the de-facto standard for common links. Sure, you can make them by hand, but why bother? Kalsey’s Button Maker let’s you whip out your very own buttons, colored and labeled…

The author of TeledyN pointed out that the Find page did not search for alternate URLs. I added that feature — first as a JOIN query which turned out to be very slow (since it has to do O(N*M) comparisons)….

This is a Test Aug 30 2002 | # | C:3

Testing, testing, testing……

Buddies? Aug 30 2002 | # | C:0

I like the way LiveJournal tracks “Friends” and “Communities”. I’m not too keen about adding communities to, but the concept of Friends would be simple to implemente and maybe it would keep people from listing a gazillion parents….

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