Akistmet Plugin Apr 09 2006 | # | C:0 | TB:0

I finally heard about the great reviews the Akismet anti-comment spam service has been getting in the WordPress world. So I checked it out and discovered that a) it’s got an open API which you can use from other applications,…

Laying Off MovableType 3.0 May 13 2004 | # | C:5

I started using MovableType a couple of years ago, having move to it from Blogger via BloggerPro. I thoroughly enjoy the app and hooked a bunch of friends and family on the program. I’ve also spent virtually hundreds of hours…

Slaying Comment Spam Oct 14 2003 | # | C:0 | TB:0

Although comment spam has been around for a while, it really seemed to have accelerated in the last week or so. The “Lolita” link actually made it to the top five in DayPop’s Top 40 listing. Getting annoyed by one-too-many…

Patching MT Jun 17 2003 | # | C:2 | TB:2

A better way of patching MovableType would be to pragmatically apply a patch file for each specific fix.

A commen request that comes up in the forums is to be able to use distinct templates for each category archive.

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