I started using MovableType a couple of years ago, having move to it from Blogger via BloggerPro. I thoroughly enjoy the app and hooked a bunch of friends and family on the program. I’ve also spent virtually hundreds of hours developing MT plugins and extensions, available on the MT-Extensions portion of my site.

I always liked MT’s interface, flexibility and it’s laid back licensing model — free for personal use with donations encouraged. I believe in encouraging and rewarding great software, so over the last couple of years, I donated several times to MovableType and kept looking forward to the next great version.

Well, the new version 3.0 is out. It’s nice and all, and despite the fact that it doesn’t introduce many new features, it’s got good new plumbing under the hood. It also comes with overpriced licensing requirements.

I had been looking forward to upgrading to MT 3.0 (the beta was quite enjoyable) and to develop plugins that take advantage of the new 3.0 hooks. Alas, this won’t happen anytime soon. My MT installs exceed the MT 3.0 free license allotment (I have more than three (test) blogs here and several test users) so I’d have to buy a license. And while I’ve donated for MT several times, I can’t justify paying for the upgrade. This hobby project of mine has been an enjoyable and educational experience, but now I really have got more interesting things coming. So while I wish Six Apart best of luck with future versions of their “corporate” MovableType, I’m afraid I won’t be contributing towards it with my development efforts.

MovableType 2.x is well enough for me and that’s what I’ll stick with — since I’ve already paid for it several times over. If the mood strikes me in the future and I’ll find myself with time on my hands and need for honing my PHP skills, I may lend my development hand to TextPattern or WordPress.