I’ve been thinking about the web logging phenomenon and how the practice spreads. I started my blog two years ago after following my friend Cecily’s blog for a month or so. A year or so later, I got my firlfriend Jennifer hooked when I set up a site for her. Later that year, her sister Meredith joined us when we gave her a web site for her birthday. Since then, those sites spawned more blogs themselves, including their mom’s journal that Meredith set up and a couple of Meredith’s friends blogs.

I think most of the blogs on the web are related in a similar way. You start reading someone’s journal and it inspires you to begin your own. I sort of view Cecily’s journal as my ancestor blog and Jfer’s and Meredith’s blogs as my journal’s “children” blogs. Meredith’s friends’ blogs would be my blog’s “grand children”, etc. In my mind there is an entire family tree of blogs. For example, Jennifer’s blog can be viewed as being an aunt to her mom’s blog.