Tips and tricks for accomplishing more advanced tasks with MovableType. Some of the tips depend on the installation of additional plugins.

  • Dynamic Pages
    PHPServer Side Includes (SSI)JavaScript While MovableType makes it easy to quickly update your web site, all it really does is...
  • General Purpose Search Template
    How to design a search template that preserves the settings (IncludeBlogs, etc.) it was invoked with and that remembers the CaseSearch and RegexSearch check boxes.
  • Importing DotComments
    MovableType allows you to import entries and comments that have been exported by other blogging applications. If your are a...
  • Multipage Search Results
    Changing the MT search results to be displayed in mutliple pages, 10 entries at a time.
  • Per-Category Templates 1.0
    Using template modules and a cleverly designed archive template, you can easily create individual category templates.
  • Perl API 2.51
    Plugin API in HTML
  • Removig Duplicates Using MySQL 1.0
    SQL queries you can use to remove duplicate comments or trackback pings.