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MTObfuscate 1.02

April 24, 2003 - updated February 8, 2006 (Download)

The MTObfuscate tag and obfuscate filter allow you to encode portions of your webpage into a quasi-random string that is emitted using Javascript. Obfuscated content should be safe from spam harvesters and search engines, but will appear as regular HTML on Javascript enabled browsers.

  • MTObfuscate
    Container tag that converts its content into Javascript code that is not parseable by spam harvesters and search engines.
    Example:The following code:
    <MTObfuscate>Send email to:
    <a href=""></a>
    will be converted into the following Javascript:
    <script type="text/javascript"><!--
    eval("var x = '\\xf8\\xab\\x12wz\\x14\\xa6\\xc2\\x155\\x01d\\x0d`q\\x10W\\x3e\\x01m\\xaa\\x8aj\\x1e\\xf3\\x9c\\x8f\\xb5\\xfc\\xf1_U\\x8b\\xb7\\xa3\\xc2\\x166\\xce\\xa6[)H-\\xb8\\xde\\xd4\\xe9\\x157\\x81\\xec\\x06gQ8\\xef\\x83\\xf1\\x85\\xe8\\x87\\xc2\\xf8\\x3cR\\xf4\\x95\\xfa\\x97\\xb2\\xd7\\x9b\\xdb\\xd9\\xbd\\xc4\\xab\\x01l\\x83\\xe2\\xf1\\x98M#Tz*I\\x9f\\xf0X5\\xea\\xc8nP\\xc7\\xa9\\xa9\\xc8\\xd1\\xbc\\x9c\\xf9\\xc1\\x81\\xa9\\xcd\\xf0\\x9f\\x03n\\x0fnX1`\\x0eHf\\x0flM\\x22O\\x22/\\x13\\x97\\xb8\\xa5\\xc4\\x9c\\xa2\\xb9\\xb4\\xbd\\xb7'; var l = x.length; var s = ''; for(i=0;i!=l;) s+=String.fromCharCode(x.charCodeAt(i++)^x.charCodeAt(i++)); document.write(s);") //-->
  • obfuscate filter
    The obfuscate filter can be applied to any MovableType tag to obfuscate the content it generates.
    Example: The following code will obfuscate everything that is inside the MTEntries tags:
    <MTEntries lastn="5" obfuscate="1">
    <MTEntryTitle><br />

What about spam_protect?

All the builtin MovableType email tags (MTEntryAuthorEmail, etc.) have a spam_protect attribute that performs a similar task to MTObfuscate. However, spam_protect simply changes certain symbols in the email to the equivalent HTML entities - it would be easy for a spam harvester to decode the address and most search engines automatically decode HTML entities, as well. spam_protect has the advantage that it works on browser that do not support Javascript or which have it disabled.

Instead of using:

<a href="mailto:<MTEntryAuthorEmail spam_protect="1">"><MTEntryAuthorEmail spam_protect="1"></a>

you can use the following:

<MTObfuscate><a href="mailto:<MTEntryAuthorEmail>"><MTEntryAuthorEmail></a></MTObfuscate>
Version History
  • Version 1.02 - September 2 2003
    Changed character generation to avoid \x00 which causes Opera to choke.
  • Version 1.01 - July 29 2003
    Fixed escaping characters in the 0x1a-0x1f range. Script should now validate.
  • Version 1.00 - April 24 2003
    Initial Release
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