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MTFastInclude 1.1

June 4, 2003 - updated February 8, 2006 (Download)

MovableType’s MTInclude tag (as well as the MTIncludePlus plugin) allow you to include the contents of an external file or a template module. However, using these tags generally slows down your rebuild, because every time an MTInclude tag is processed, MovableType reads the file or loads, compiles and builds the template module.

By installing the file in your plugins directory, you will speed up these include tags—no additional tags are required in your templates. If you have the MTFastInclude plugin installed but you do not want to cache a particular MTInclude, simply specify a no_cache=”1” attribute.

  • MTFastIncludeVersion
    Displays the version of the plugin.

How this plugin works

This plugin replaces the function used by the MTInclude tags with one that caches the contents of modules and files being included. This means that if a file is included more than once (for example, if you have an <MTInclude file=”footer.txt”> tag in an individual entry archive, the file is included for every entry that is built), MovableType only reads it from disk the first time it is included, instead of every time. Similarly, when a module is included, it is loaded and compiled only the first time—on subsequent includes it only needs to be built.

Version History
  • Version 1.1 June 9 2003
    Fixed Subroutine _hdlr_include redefined warning.
  • Version 1.0 June 4 2003
    Initial Release.
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