DynamicSmartyPants 1.0 Implemented in Dynamic Templates

February 11, 2006 (Download)

John Gruber’s SmartyPants plugin easily translates plain ASCII punctuation characters into “smart” typographic punctuation HTML entities. However, the perl-based plugin can only be used in statically genrated templates. The DynamicSmartyPants plugin provides the same functionality in dynamically generated templates. this plugin uses Michel Fortin’s PHP SmartyPants. If you want to use SmartyPants in both static and dynamic templates, you’ll need to instal this plugin in addition to the original SmartyPants plugin.
  • MTSmartyPantsVersion
    Returns the version of the PHP SmartyPants library used by this plugin.
  • smart_dashes
    Filter that converts dashes (“—” and “—-“) into en- and em-dash entities
  • smart_ellipses
    Filter that converts three consecutive dots (“…”) into an ellipsis entity
  • smart_quotes
    Filter that converts straight quotes ( ” and ‘) into “curly” quote HTML entities
  • smarty_pants
    Filter that combines the above filters
For additional documentation, see the original SmartyPants plugin.