The WorkingWithBlobs document describes how you’re supposed to be able to work with binary columns in Class::DBI. The example shows is for Oracle, and the corresponding Postgres code should work like this: __PACKAGE__->data_type(column_name => { pg_type => DBD::Pg::PG_BYTEA } );…

Caching Jun 11 2003 | # | C:0 | TB:0

Application performance can be often dramatically increased by caching the results of expensive operations instead of performing the same operations over and over again.

Regular Expressions May 30 2003 | # | C:0 | TB:0

I was emailing with John Gruber about his SmartyPants plugin. It wasn’t correctly parsing a file and we were trying to figure out the right preg expressions to match HTML comments, PHP, etc. I learned quite a bit from our…

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