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PHP Download Sep 28 2004 | # | C:0 | TB:0

When I moved to my current hosting provider, I lost the ability to SSH into my account. Most of the stuff I did in SSH can be done through the account’s control panel, including uploading and unzipping files. But one…

NuSOAP and WSDL Sep 16 2003 | # | C:54 | TB:0

Using NuSOAP to generate WSDL and properly serialize and unserialize structured parameters.

Storing Files in MySQL Aug 24 2003 | # | C:0 | TB:0

It’s something you only have to write once in a while, but storing binary files in your database can be a useful thing. I found this excellent tutorial on Uploading, Saving and Downloading Binary Data in a MySQL Database. It’s…

NuSOAP And Structured Data Aug 19 2003 | # | C:5 | TB:0

Sending and receiving complex data types when writing Web Service applications using the NuSOAP library.

Caching Jun 11 2003 | # | C:0 | TB:0

Application performance can be often dramatically increased by caching the results of expensive operations instead of performing the same operations over and over again.

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